The Bitterstone neighborhood of Ravens Bluff, was a collection of reputable, if somewhat modest, nautical-themed businesses within the city's Harbor District. This area was considered the heart of the harbor, its long-standing stone and timber buildings having served the trade and shipping businesses of the Bluff for many decades. From Blacktree Boulevard in the east to Morglar's Ride in the south, the streets of Bitterstone were always bustling with activity and trade, illuminated at night by the glow of torch lights.[1]

The area of Bitterstone was named after a Ravenian miller of years past who established a home here when it contained only a few scattered buildings. They were rumored to have been a knight of the nearby kingdom of Cormyr.[1]

Notable locationsEdit

Businesses and Shops
Inns, Taverns and Restaurants
  • Hooked Albatross Inn: Renovated from an old hostel, this five-story inn had ample stable room for the steeds of its patrons.[1]
  • Ill Eagle Inn: Although this inn offered quality rooms and delicious food, for a somewhat steep price, it maintained a strict "humans-only" policy.[1]
  • Dark Dancer: The Ravenian shrine of Eilistraee garnered a fair amount of contention and controversy when it sprang up in a old renovated worshiping during the mid-14th century DR.[2]
Streets and Roads

Blacktree BoulevardCrescentcoat CourtFishleap LaneMorglar's RideNightlamp StreetRhabie PromenadeSummoner's StreetWestwall Way



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