The Foreign District of Ravens Bluff, also known as Outlander Town was a quiet, walled-off region of the city that was home to the embassies of a number of foreign nations and powers.[2] It was located on the western side of the Bluff, just within the city wall that partitioned it from the docks.[1] There was little activity within its clean and placid streets, save for patrols of the city watch[2] and the Griffon Guard.[3]

The main feature of the district was Daren's Ring, a circular road that enveloped Ring Park and extended to Fireleap Lane which continued eastward into the city. The roads that curved away from the Ring[2] were flanked by rows of yew trees,[3] ornate topiaries and decorative lawns that were quite appealing, despite the lack of passers-by to appreciate the tranquil scenery. Due to the highly sensitive nature of the business conducted by the diplomats and foreign agents within the area, Ravenians were encouraged not to wander and explore its peaceful roads.[2]

Several adventurers kept their homes within the large and impressive buildings within the district but they by and large kept to themselves.[3]

Notable locationsEdit

The foreign district held a number of embassies from which representatives of nations around Faerûn would conduct their business within the city.[2]
  • Watchful Defender: The ever-vigilant protector of the foreign district was "Simon", a 12-foot-tall granite statue that stood in defiance of "Castle Tantras".[3]



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