The Gowntown neighborhood of Ravens Bluff was a wealthy and important part of the city's Temple District,[1] housing many noble residences.[2] It was among the safest locales in the Bluff, heavily patrolled by the the City Watch, with clean walkways and streets, free from the usual hawkers and vendors that could often be found in other quarters. The typical weapon-brandishing adventurers that strolled through other districts in town were notably absent around Gowntown.[1]

The neighborhood garnered its name, "Gowntown", from the great number of priests and clerics found about town, walking to and from their residences and nearby places of worship.[1]

Notable locations

Businesses and Shops
Civic Offices
  • Hangman's Courthouse: Named for the deceased judge that literally made the building his home, this courthouse handled trials for crimes committed within the city's Temple District.[1]
  • Ravens Bluff Hall of Records: Before it was destroyed, sometime around the year 1370 DR, this city building maintained legal records and documents, both public and private.[2]
Inns, Taverns and Restaurants
  • Phoaraudo's: Just as pretentious as it was popular, this high-end restaurant was constantly packed with idle customers that spent more time talking than eating.[2]
Merchant houses
Streets and Roads



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