Ladyrock was a small isle located in the mouth of the Fire River, and was counted among the neighborhoods of the Harbor District of Ravens Bluff. It was a favorite stop of rowdy and unsavory sailors to carouse and cut loose between voyages, thanks in part to the wide open view it had of any approaching City Watch patrols. To the more law-abiding Ravenians of the Bluff, Ladyrock island was a place they would often view, but seldom visit.[1]

Access to the isle was available by a number of copper-a-ride ferries. The conveyances however were little more than a dinghy, or pair that had been bound together for slightly more stability.[1]

Notable LocationsEdit

Businesses and Shops
  • Ustiligator Paper Mill: While it was a more mundane sight of the city, this paper mill produced white-woven paper that was highly valued among scribes and wizards alike.[1]
  • Stars in Shadow: A discreet and isolated meeting house that provided a venue for Ravenians to conduct business they wished to keep out of view of others.[1]
Inns, Taverns and Restaurants
  • Painted Boat: This restaurant, which unsurprisingly specialized in seafood, was a favorite stop for the Ravenian City Watch.[1]
  • Red Sail Tavern: The isle's busiest establishments, as well as its sole tavern, only catered to sailors, shipping masters, dockworkers and others who had a stake in business at sea.[1]



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