The Market District of Ravens Bluff was a small ward in the center of the city full of old warehouses and converted row-houses, which during the late 1300's DR, was inhabited by a motley group of vendors, merchants and performers.[1] It was one of two locales in the Bluff, along with Torchtown, that was legally-sanctioned for nighttime street vendors.[2] The market had an interesting reputation among Ravenians: it was the district that never slept, a place where someone could procure all sorts of items and creatures found throughout Faerûn,[1]

A shopper could find all sorts of curios within the market, ranging from live beasts that could serve as a familiar to books of lurid tales published in nearby Sembia. The "skilled" people of the district offered their share of services as well. Anyone who so required could find a skilled forger to have a near-exact copy of a desired item, be it cherished family heirloom or near-priceless ceramic vase.[1]


The markets of Ravens Bluff were a rundown collection of decaying brick structures, crammed together with vacant city homes that had been repurposed by vendors who came from a tented shanty town outside the city proper. It was the only location of the Bluff that had been vandalized by graffiti and litter; the accumulation of thick stacks of assorted flyers, notices and playbills found stuck to doors or walls was not uncommon.[1]

These unpleasant sights were somewhat overshadowed by the performers that would show off for gawking Ravenians. Jugglers, acrobats and palm-readers, who may or may-not have practiced actual divination, would gather crowds in at night while their associates hawked wares from the multitude of stalls.[1]

At night, the district was nearly always alight from the glow of oil and candle lamps sitting in the glass-less windows of its dilapidated buildings.[1]

Notable LocationsEdit

  • House of Cloevaerus: By means of a number of Sembian contacts, the importer Cloevaerus was able to being a fair amount of clockwork curious and Gond-inspired machinations into Ravens Bluff.[1]
  • Mad Dolphin House: Nearly as large as a warehouse found in the docks, this large-item pawnshop had a small eatery where customers could relaxed while they gaze over wares that may catch their attention.[3]
  • Nodder & Sons Safe Storage: This stone building[3] offered secure storage in the form enclosed lock-boxes that could be rented in the short, or long, term.[1]
  • Belltower: This abandoned stone tower was believed to have once been the temple of an old Ravenaar cult.[3]
  • Purtil's tower: The city's water tower was built with unique, aerial-conveyances in mind and could accommodate the landing of a griffon or even a Halruaan skyship .[1]
  • Beldrid's house: This building was home to a local shipping investor who was known to hire adventurers in the city to travel out and hunt down pirates.[3]



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