Seaglimpse was an out-of-the-way neighborhood of Ravens Bluff, located in the Harbor District outside the city wall, whose docks would take in a great number of ships coming in from the Dragon Reach. As it was constantly pounded with rain and wind from storms, vessels would have to chain down to several wharves to avoid being driven to wreck on the shore. Seaglimpse offered little in the way to attract visitors and tourists, unless someone specifically sought the smell of dead fish and the spray of salt water.[2]

To remain vigilant against smuggling and illegal shipping shopping operations, the City Watch maintained regular patrols along the docks. Before such a presence, it was not uncommon to see longshoremen repacking and relabeling cargo and even live slave-auctioning in wide open view.[2]

Notable locationsEdit

Businesses and Shops
Inns, Taverns and Restaurants
  • Flagon o' Flames: A dark and dreadful sailor's bar that served as a haven for illicit activities.[1]
  • Silver Lady: This fine establishment was a favorite among local sailors after being relocation from the Silverscales neighborhood.[1]
  • Chasipher's Wharf: A busy dock that was often the staging area for ships used in defense of the city.[3]
  • the Front:This mud-and-gravel road span the west side of Seaglimpse, outside the city wall.[2]
  • Sundaroon's Seatower: The former headquarters of the also-former Ravenian Navy, this naval tower continued to house a number of sea-side defenses.[2]
  • Davy Jones' Lock-Up: These three warehouses offered insurance for fire, water, theft and even rodent damage.[1][3]
  • Narwhal Manor: Used by city customs as a warehouse for confiscated goods, this building housed the office of the chief inspector Draco Elass.[1]



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