Seaglimpse was a neighborhood of Ravens Bluff, located in the Harbor District on the west side of the city wall. The various seaside businesses, taverns and inns were tucked away in narrow alleys and under staircases, built on the mudflats along the coast of the Dragon Reach. It was a rough-and-tumble, seedy region of the city dominated by the scent of sea water and not-so-fresh fish.[1]

Notable locationsEdit

Businesses and Shops
Inns, Taverns and Restaurants
  • Embrol Sludge's Eatery and Shell Shoppe: Quite unique in its operations, this establishment functioned as a seafood restaurant and jewelry shop that specialized in sea-themed shell necklaces.[1][2]
  • Endelo's Tankard: An old, ramshackle tavern that catered to the poorest sailors that came through the Bluff.[3]
  • Flirin's Sea Morsels: The seafood delicacies offered by this immensely-popular diner attracted patrons from throughout all of the Bluff, including many nobles.[2]
  • Lucky Coin Inn: Located on the corner of Fishleap Lane and the Belt, this run-of-the-mill inn offered generous portions of low-quality food.[3]
  • Shark Fin Tavern: Converted from an old warehouse, this quality tavern offered a warm atmosphere where Ravenians could enjoy good food and drink.[2]
  • Ship's Wheel Tavern: An anomaly in Silverscales, this nautical-themed tavern offered an exceptional selection of wine and beer.[2]
  • Silver Lily: While it has been relocated to the Seaglimpse neighborhood and renamed the Silver Lady, this restaurant was a nice, quiet stop to have a bite.[4]
  • Skullv's Bar and Bait: This run-down tavern doubled as a bait shop and a restaurant of sorts (though the quality of food was quite poor).[2]
  • Swill & Spill Tavern: Known as the cheapest bar in Ravens Bluff, this establishment was completely decrepit and outright overrun with rats.[3]
Open Areas
  • Gullgulp: Located on the north end of the neighborhood, this open area was littered with beached boats, discarded sails, nets and other nautical trash.[1]
Streets and Roads

Aldiger's CutThe BeltFishleap LaneThe FrontGulp LaneLongshoreman's LaneWallwalk Lane



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