The Skymbles was the forgotten neighborhood of Ravens Bluff, hidden away in the eastern part of the city's Uptown District. It was home to the many Ravenian laborers, those citizens who were too reputable to live in poverty but who were nonetheless expected to toil their lives away at work. The streets of The Skymbles were lined with tiny homes, row-houses, and clusters of apartments with laundry lines seemingly hanging from nearly each building.[2]

The drudgery of life in this neighborhood was interrupted every so often by grand street festivals, into which its citizens threw their enthusiasm with near-reckless abandon.[2]

Notable LocationsEdit

  • Traagor's Tours and Souvenir Shop: From within this establishment, Rooth Traagor sold small household items that featured the logos and slogans of local businesses along with city maps that highlighted their locations. He also employed a number of city orphans that led guided tours, which, as with their goods, focused on drumming up business for the Bluff's merchants and vendors.[1]
  • Weeds of Gold: The patrons of this tobacconist's shop were near-constantly observed by the Ravenian City Watch.[1]
Civic buildings
  • Skymble courthouse: The officials within the neighborhood's only government building were mildly corrupt, and seldom checked in on by their superiors.[2]
  • Shrine of Honest Toil: Locally referred to as "the Grind", the grim workhouse of Ravens Bluff allowed the city's poorer citizens to work off their debt, and any accumulated interest, provided they could avoid accruing any fees set for poor behavior.[1]
  • Alambaler House: This manse-turned-apartment featured a fading mosaic of a dolphin and an anchor.[1]
  • Marlgates: This grand mansion was converted into multi-family apartment housing, and rented out by the Ampner noble family.[1]
  • Nimber's Skewer Shop: Not quite a sit-down eatery this stand offered a variety of skewered meats like the battered-and-fried songbirds and swordfish served with mango.[1]
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