The Swordspoint neighborhood of Ravens Bluff was a modest collection of residences, shops, and other noted landmarks of the city's Temple District. While it lacked the luxury and opulence of say Holyhouses or Altarside, it was a popular destination for Ravenians with many notable and fascinating sights.[1]

Background[edit | edit source]

This region of Ravens Bluff earned its name from the great number of duels that were once fought on its streets (though, as of 1370 DR, these had been banned within the city). The five-way intersection of roads on the northwestern corner of DeVillars Park was known as "Bloody Boots" for the bloody footprints of a victorious duelist that long stained the streets.[1]

Notable locations[edit | edit source]

  • Chemcheaux: This infamous magic shop was known throughout the region before it was leveled in a massive arcane explosion.[1]
  • Dressed to the Nines: A men's clothing emporium that specialized in custom-ordered uniforms.[3]
  • Elonia's Beauty Shoppe: Although this salon specifically catered to the wealthy women of the Ravenian aristocracy, the owner's magnetic daughter, Salena Starre, attracted a fair number of male patrons.[1]
  • Ember Me More: Run by the Sweep Twins, this store sold any and all items that accompanied the use and maintenance of fireplaces.[3]
  • Firefly: A completely nondescript shop that was only identifiable by its name listed in tax documents found within the city records.[3]
  • House of Kuldath: This building served as the headquarters for tapestry-and-carpet-importing business run by the five brothers of the Kuldath family.[3]
  • Iron Bull Smithy: The smithies of the Iron Bull worked as the city's primary farriers, and ensured safe travels for the Ravenian horses and their riders.[3]
  • Lamps by Watt: This brightly lit specialty shop sold lamps, lanterns and all other manner of accouterments to illuminate the buildings of Ravens Bluff.[3]
  • Leaf in Root: Famous throughout the Vast, the Dalelands, and even as far as Sembia, this shop featured exotic strains of herbs and expertly balanced blends for the smoking enthusiast.[2]
  • Morigan's Complete Components: An apothecary shop of sorts that sold herbs, reagents and spell components.[3]
  • Potions, Lotions & Notions: Once a store for herbal treatments, cosmetic products, and spell components.[3]
  • Ye Olde Bluff Jeweler: This exquisite shop featured the work of the immensely skilled jeweler, Shorlock Revahl.[4]
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