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Raxivort (pronounced: /ˈrɑːksɪvɔːrtRAKS-ih-vort[6]) was a very low-power demigod and the originator of xvarts.[3]


Raxivort resembled a xvart of great hideousness (even for a xvart). His skin was bright blue and his eyes glowed with orange light. He wore silken garments over blue mail, all of which shimmered as if aflame. He carried small, bladed weapons such as knives and daggers, as well as his falchion, the Azure Razor. Raxivort could also take the form of a rat or a giant bat.[1]


Before his demigod status, Raxivort was a treasurer for Graz'zt. He eventually betrayed him by stealing some of this treasure and fleeing to the material plane. One of the items he stole was the Infinity Spindle, a crystal shard from the early times of the multiverse that could transform creatures into gods.[3]

In order to hide his whereabouts while on the prime plane, Raxivort spawned creatures that were his exact physical duplicate. This was the creation of the beings known as xvarts.[3]

One of his more direct actions against Graz'zt included causing a massive rat infestation in Fogtown, Zelatar's neighborhood on the 45th layer of the Abyss, and the Queen's Causeway, the undermarket connecting Fogtown to Gallenghast, Zelatar's neighbourhood on the 46th layer of the Abyss. This infestation made life there difficult and extended to practically every building and was hard to combat. The Night Flutterer had the rats under his control and could direct them as he wished.[7]


After leaving the Abyss, Raxivort forged a realm known as the Black Sewers in Pandesmos, the top layer of Pandemonium.[3][5]



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