Raziz was a small village located between the Range of the Marching Camels and the Mountains of Forgotten Dreams in the High Desert region of Zakhara.[1]


Raziz was described as being "dropped from a height pelted with refuse, and left to fester in the sun." Garbage was piled around the entire village, complimenting the streams of filth that flowed freely through the streets. For all these faults, Raziz possessed a well that produced plenty of water for all.[1]


The number of animals in Raziz outnumbered the humans, adding to the unpleasant aroma permeating the village. The inhabitants of Raziz had little culture save one area: dancing. Even the smallest occasion was excuse enough to organize a dancing event to celebrate. Most dancing was complimented by music from the stringed rababahs.

Though their interest in the outside world was limited, the citizens of Raziz welcomed travelers and traders.[1]



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