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Razor was a cat belonging to Benelaius, a retired War Wizard, at his cottage outside the town of Ghars in Cormyr in the mid–14th century DR.[1]


Along with Grimalkin, Razor was one of almost a hundred cats in Benalaius's possession. They served him as companions, guardians, and agents, and were good judges of character.[2] He could communicate silently with them.[3]


A coal black cat with yellow eyes, he was notoriously testy, and when I trod, quite by accident, on the end of his tail, he erupted into a spitting, clawing, biting tornado. His fangs sank deeply into my ankle, and with that final bon mot he scurried down the stairs to seek a less hazardous berth.
— Jasper[1]

Razor was infamously irritable and quick to attack with the claws and fangs for which he was named.[1] Nevertheless, he did enjoy being tickled under his chin.[3]


Razor had fur as black as coal and yellow eyes.[1]


Returning home late on the night of Eleint 16 of the Year of the Shield, 1367 DR, Benelaius's servant Jasper inadvertently stepped on the sleeping Razor's tail. Razor responded by spitting, scratching, and biting his ankle.[1]

After midnight on Eleint 20, Razor was one of a number of cats present at the meeting of townsfolk Benelaius called to reveal the murderer of Dovo and Grodoveth, as well as an Iron Throne spy ring. Benelaius had Razor bite Mayor Tobald on the ankle to make him limp, as part of this plan to frame for the crimes he was already complicit in.[4][3]




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