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Read magic was a widespread universal spell that let one read scrolls and spellbooks.[7]


Magical writing or inscriptions were often ciphered, appearing as gibberish. A caster used this spell to read magical writing found in books, scroll or other objects. Afterwards, the caster was able to read the magical writing on the targeted object without re-casting the spell. A caster was able to use this spell to read glyphs of warding[13] The reverse of this spell, unreadable magic, was used to cipher magical writing or inscriptions. This prevented anyone from reading the writing, even if read magic was cast on the object. The cipher lasted until the spell expired.[12]


In addition to verbal and somatic components, the spell required a material component or a focus, a transparent crystal or mineral prism.[7][13]


According to the Book of the Silver Talon, the ingredients for the ink used to inscribe read magic into spellbooks was: one ounce of giant squid sepia, one large sapphire, a drop of blood from the writer, a pinch of earth, a sprinkle of water and either one powdered carbuncle, a large rock crystal, the eye of an eagle, two eyes of a falcon or a fist-sized blue quartz.[14]

The rocks and gems had to be powdered with a mortar and combined with the blood, water and earth. This mixture was heated in a crucible at night when the Tears of Selûne were visible at night. Once cooled, it was mixed with the sepia and stored in a vial or other container.[14]


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