The Realm of a Million Eyes was the 6th layer of the Abyss according to the Great Wheel cosmology[1][2] and a realm of the Dismal Caverns according to the World Tree[3] and World Axis[4] cosmologies. It was the divine realm of the Great Mother, chief deity of the beholder pantheon.[3][5][6]


Although difficult to distinguish from other similar realms in the Dismal Caverns, the Realm of a Million Eyes was a predominantly vertical system of caverns and tunnels.[3] The walls themselves had protruding eyes, which belonged to the Great Mother herself.[5]

Geographical FeaturesEdit

The Great Mother's lair lay in a large cavern at the bottom of the tunnel system, from which she endlessly spawned new beholders into existence.[3]


The realm was inhabited by every type of beholder and beholderkin that existed. They constantly attacked each other on sight, as well as any visitors, including demons.[1] Some of the oldest and most powerful beholder petitioners of the realm acted as its police force.[3]



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