The Realms Master was a caravel, and skyship, piloted by the Halruaan wizard, Dwalimar Omen.[1]

The ship had the standard capabilities of a sea-going vessel, but also had the magical ability of flight and teleportation. The Realms Master had as a figurehead the image of Azuth, god of mages and consort of Mystra.[2]


For at least some time, the Astrolabe of Nimbral was equipped to the Realms Master to facilitate Dwalimar's search of artifacts on behalf of the Netyarch Zalathorm Kirkson.[1]

The ship was destroyed during the Time of Troubles by Labelas Enoreth in Vartan Hai Sylvar's body, who tried to use it to kill Helm at the Celestial Stairway[3]

Later the Ship was magically rebuilt by Labelas Enoreth after the Time of Troubles had ended, it is unclear if the Astrolabe was included in the rebuild ship.[4]


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