Rebekkah Darklyte was a female drow priestess of Eilistraee in Ravens Bluff around 1370 DR. She was the acting high priestess of The Dark Dancer, a controversial and troubled shrine to the goddess in that city.[1][2]


Aiming to promote peace between drow and other races, Rebekkah Darklyte worked to establish a shrine in Ravens Bluff.[1] She and her followers were aided by the Yarvandar noble family, who were sympathetic to their cause and helped smuggle people and materials into the city and gave the drow the chance to observe human society and dance in safety under the stars. In return, the drow provided the Yarvandars with various rare goods, like edible mushrooms, luminescent fungi, and drow wine[3]

Thus aided, Rebekkah Darklyte and her followers rebuilt a warehouse in the Harbor District and renovated it as the shrine called The Dark Dancer. However, they did not obtain a charter from the Clerical Circle,[1] which regulated the construction of new temples. This was not technically illegal, however.[4] Work on the shrine and warehouse was completed in the Year of the Tankard, 1370 DR, and it was soon opened and made public.[1]

Shortly after, the shrine was attacked by an angry, drow-hating mob, protesting against its opening. A small race riot erupted, as the mob hurled rocks and debris at the warehouse. Dozens of officers of the City Watch moved in to quell the unrest. The building itself took little damage, but most of the food and clothing that had been gathered for the needy of Ravens Bluff was ruined and several Watchmen were injured. Rebekkah treated the wounded guards at the scene and vowed to continue her work. Despite this, many citizens remained hostile to the dark elves, the shrine was a subject of great controversy, and the Watch kept close watch on their activities to prevent further trouble.[1]

Rebekkah was once a guest of Lord Eskevelt Emmerdin at Emmer Hall, the family's manor house outside the city. This was thanks to the Emmerdins' friendship of elves.[2]


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