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The Red Boar Inn, also known as the Red Boar Tavern, was of course an inn and tavern in the city of Loudwater in the Delimbiyr Vale in the mid-to-late 14th century DR. It was owned by the Rein family.[1][2][3][4][5]


It stood in the Low Town area of Loudwater, which was the predominantly human part of town, amongst coster headquarters, warehouses, craft guild houses, and lesser, seedier taverns. It was the most well-known inn there.[4][5]


The common room was quite spacious.[4][5] Within it was a large oaken pillar that was frequently used by Loudwater's human community as a message board, to notify others of events and proposals, to spread news, to share politics, to advertise jobs, and to call for adventurers and mercenaries. Though originally fairly plain, it came to be shrouded with decades' worth of papers and parchments.[2][3][4][5]


Owing to incidents around the Red Boar Tavern, the Loudwater Guard kept guards on duty there, with two in the day and four at night.[4][5]


Merchants and coster masters often met here to conduct business, as did those seeking employment with them,[2][3] including adventurers and mercenaries. Anyone looking for work in and around Loudwater would be wise to start here. There was much talk about business, current affairs, and gossip, though patrons tended to avoid sensitive or controversial subjects. A hothouse of news and job-hunting, it was described as more like a market than an inn, but there was often much merrymaking at well, with the mercantile and political negotiating taking place in its more secluded corners.[4][5]

The clientele were largely humans, halflings, and dwarves, as well as a few half-orcs. Elves and half-elves here were invariably adventurers and travelers from other lands, as local elves shunned the Red Boar as a symbol of human insensitivity and small-mindedness. The patrons in turn avoided discussing the origin of the oaken pillar with any elves, half-elves, and even gnomes who did visit.[4][5] Orcs were not served at all until the Decree of Reception required them to, and then only grudgingly.[4][5]

It was intensely busy at nights, with business peaking in the few hours after sunset.[4]

The Red Boar was a typical stop on the 'Low Town ale quest', wherein young adventurers would sample a drink at every tavern and inn in the area and see how far they got.[4][5]


It provided ample food and drink to patrons in its common room.[4][5]


The Red Boar was built by the first members of the Rein family[2][3] to settle in Loudwater in the 1310s DR.[1] For lumber, they cut down a massive oak tree that had been growing on the site—a tragic act that would anger the local elves for decades to come. A remnant of this oak was the main pillar in the common room. Not long after it was built, the pillar came to be used as a community notice board.[1][2][3][4][5]

In the early 1370s DR, it was owned, though not managed, by Deldron Rein.[2][3]

One summer evening the Year of Wild Magic, 1372 DR, only two bells after sunset, a pair of immigrant High Forest orcs were slain outside the Red Boar Tavern, either in the street or in the alley behind. Though this was the busiest time for the tavern, somehow, the authorities could not find one witness to the incident, let alone the killer. In response, High Lord Kalahar Twohands made the Decree of Reception to confirm the rights of the visiting orcs and ordered guards be posted to the Red Boar at all times to ensure peace there.[4][5][6]



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