The Red Brigade was a mercenary company active in the 1360s DR.


Cedric Ravajar joined the Red Brigade and after four years of service he rose to lead it as captain, due to his combat ability and charisma. His best friend Soren Whitespear served as his second-in-command. In the Year of the Shield, 1367 DR, Cedric accepted Calispar Delgorth into his force and included the priest in all of the company's decisions.

In the Year of the Banner, 1368 DR, while on a routine scouting expedition for a minor noble, two Brigade scouts reported a dead-magic zone in Brynwood Forest in the Vast. Cedric kept the find secret, telling only Calispar, and the two scouts disappeared shortly afterwards. Later that year, Cedric announced his retirement and disbanded the Red Brigade. The group split up and most went their separate ways.

A trusted few, however, departed with Cedric. This included Soren, Calispar, the cook Drakar, several soldiers and four dwarven engineers. They secretly returned to the dead-magic zone, where they reformed into the Vipers, a bandit group that raided merchant caravans.


The Red Brigade's symbol was a flaming sabre.[1]


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