In the Heralds of Faerûn organization, the office of Red Dragon was one of the High Heralds. The sign of this office was a rampant metallic-red dragon with wings unfurled and mouth open with teeth bared. Traditionally, this office was given to a young Herald Pursuivant who was a bit more radical[1] and had fresh ideas for the future. Youthful enthusiasm led to Red Dragon playing the role of diplomat and matchmaker, arranging marriages between the hundreds of noble houses[2] and helping create the coat-of-arms for their marriage shield and those of any children.[note 1] Another tradition was that Red Dragon escorted supplicants, heirs, and honorees to ceremonies pertaining to the transfer or attainment of titles, positions, or awards of honor. The residence given to this office was a fortification called Dragonrise, located south of Easting near the headwaters of the southern tributary of the River Chionthar.[2]

During the tenures of Lady Anaethe and Lady Bluthba, this office gained a reputation of decadence and ardent self-indulgence, but a successor (Bellym Glarsh) struck a different tone by being either less licentious or more cautious.[2]


The wooden rod of office had an exquisite carving of a dragon's head on top that could generate flaming spheres. The rod itself was enchanted to be impervious to fire.[2]

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  1. The source does not explicitly state this, but on page 102 of Power of Faerûn it says that most realms in Faerûn follow the "classic" rules of real-world British heraldry as administered by the College of Arms, which means marriages resulted in modifications to the arms of both houses by the techniques of dimidiation, impalement, or quartering.


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