The Red Flayers were a tribe of hobgoblin mercenaries from the High Moor that served the blue dragon Kizilpazar of the Morueme.


The Red Flayers originally occupied territory on the southern High Moor, until they were recruited as guardians by the blue dragon Kizilpazar of the Morueme clan in 1026 DR. They relocated to Dragondoom in the Nether Mountains, where they built themselves a citadel, dubbing it Doomspire. For generations, the hobgoblins of the Red Flayers served and defended the Morueme dragons, and each dragon formed their own elite groups within the Flayers.

Kizilpazar's sons, unhappy under the rule of their sire and reliance on the hobgoblins, eventually used the Red Flayers in experiments of cross-breeding to create the Blood of Morueme, a small elite army of hobgoblin half-dragons to be used as agents against their father.

In 1371 DR, the Red Flayers suffered grievous casualties on a failed assault on the Lady's Hand, a stronghold of Loviatar's faithful when Nahaunglaroth and Roraurim sought retribution for the death of their exiled mother Idrizraele. It was not long after this defeat that relations between the Red Flayers and their Morueme masters deteriorated with each generation, insubordination that would not have been tolerated by Nahaunglaroth and Roraurim's sire.

When Sammaster unleashed the Rage of Dragons of 1373 DR, Nahaunglaroth and Roraurim along with their respective mates Eshaedra and Faenphaele left their lairs and began to slaughter the orcs of the Thousand Fists tribe leaving their wyrmling Arharzel in the hands of the Blood of Morueme. Unfortunately, Arharzel and the Blood of Morueme also succumbed to the rage and left their lair, descending upon the Red Flayers and nearly decimating the tribe. Doomspire was destroyed in a day, but Arharzel died.

The Red Flayers' fate was sealed. Upon their return, the dragons of the Morueme clan avenged their fallen wyrmling, slaughtering all the remaining male hobgoblins, taking any living females to be used as breeding stock for the Blood of Morueme.[1]