The Red Sheaf was the largest inn found in Beregost during the 14th century DR. It was the favorite stop of merchants passing through town, due to its fast service and warm creature comforts.[1]


The Red Sheaf offered private meeting rooms, that were protected by locking doors, for 7 gp a night. The famous author Volothamp Geddarm suspected there were discreet spyholes installed within these "secure" rooms.[1]

Food from the Red Sheaf was rather hit-or-miss. They offered the typical fare of cold soups, cheese, fruits and roasted meat — however the latter-most of these dishes were often blacked to the point of ash. The cold potato soup however, was considered quite delightful.[1]

Traveling performers such as minstrels and bards were not welcome to perform at the inn, and could only stay as paying guests. In fact, the owner and the staff provided no entertainment for guests whatsoever.[1]


Locals spoke about a secret passageway that extended from the back of the inn to an cavern system that was previously used by smugglers to hide their goods. It was believed these connected to tunnels originally excavated by the drow, whose efforts were stopped by the mage Thalantyr. Rumor states that the passage was protected thereafter by some sort of magical barrier.[1]



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