Red Wizard is a special prestige class in Thay whose members belong to the Red Wizards of Thay. Would-be Red wizards tend to focus on one school of magic. Very few sorcerers and bards decide to become Red wizards; those that do are considered misfits.[1]


Specialist Defense
Red wizards gain a bonus to defense from their chosen school of specialization.[1]
Spell Power
Spells cast that share the same school as a Red wizards specialty become more powerful with this ability.[1]
Scribe Tattoo
Experienced Red wizards are able to scribe the magical Thayan tattoos upon novice spellcasters.[1]


The Red Wizards created the spell Acid Rain.[2][3]

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  • Red Wizards of Thay — This is the organization of evil spellcasters to which all Red Wizards are members. They are the notorious ruling class in the inhospitable, but well-inhabited, country of Thay and would-be magical overlords of Faerûn.


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