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Red pepper, also known as chime pepper or whip pepper, was a vegetable found throughout Faerûn.[1]


Red peppers were quite common and a versatile mild tasting vegetable. When dried and crushed, it was used as a flavorful spice, often used as a base for many stews across the Realms.[1]


In the Western Heartlands, red peppers could be found across the trade ways, in taverns, and villages of the region.[1]

Amruthar's markets in Thay were stocked with the widest variety of peppers of all shapes and sizes, including the mild-flavored red peppers.[3]


In Selgaunt, Sembia, red pepper oil was used for frying.[2]

Chessenta's simple on the road meals often included skewers of red peppers, chicken, and mushrooms, roasted on the campfire.[4]

Notable Users[]

Beyond Toril, neogi cooked druhga, a type of thick stew of meat and red peppers.[5]


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