Redinald Rascalin was a human paladin of Torm and the baron of the city of Suormpar in Ulgarth around 1367 DR.[1]


Redinald was the grandson of Maelin Rascalin, a notorious bandit turned general and defender of the realm, who was rewarded with the barony. Redinald and his family were the staunchest supporters of King Drasna Bluemantle.[1]


Redinald was a devout Tormtar and a good fit for the path of the paladin, though he was painfully truthful.[1]


By 1367 DR, warnings circulated that the gray orcs of the Dustwall Mountains were gathering in preparation for a major assault or raids into Ulgarth. Thousands of orcs were expected. In preparation, Baron Rascalin began recruiting solders, even mercenaries, to bolster the city's defenses, as well as armorers, weaponsmiths, and anyone else who could lend a hand.[1][2]



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