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Redspawn birthers were a variety of dragonspawn that had an insatiable need to eat.[1]


Redspawn birthers resembled large, red-scaled dinosaurs with spikes on the head and neck.[1]


Redspawn birthers, like most other dragonspawn, spoke the Draconic language and possessed darkvision. They were also immune to fire, could not be paralyzed, did not grow tired, and could not be forced to sleep.[1]

These dragonspawn had an affinity for fire and were constantly covered in a fire shield that both protected them from the cold and injured attackers that got too close. Redspawn birthers also radiated an aura of heat that damaged and exhausted creatures within 10 feet (3 meters) of the birther.[1]


Redspawn birthers fought without subtlety or complex tactics; using their natural abilities to weaken opponents before grabbing them and swallowing them whole if possible.[1]


Redspawn birthers were created to consistently create new dragonspawn; as such, they have no place in any natural ecosystem. Their insatiable need to eat means that without supervision they will eat anything they can catch and swallow.[1]

Redspawn birthers would eat large meals of multiple creatures, and then the great heat produced by their bodies allowed it to fuse and meld the creatures; the end result was a dragonspawn that was a combination of the meals. In captivity, the creatures fed to birthers are typically carefully selected and of draconic ancestry such as other dragonspawn or half-dragons.[1]


Redspawn birthers were created by the church of Tiamat after the cultists studied a similar, but unrelated creature known as a deepspawn.[1]




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