Redwaters, also known as Dellon-lune,[1] was the southernmost in the Ten Towns of Icewind Dale,[2] fished for its knucklehead trout that was used for scrimshaw.[3]

The lake was peaceful and breathtakingly beautiful. Named for a famous battle as opposed to the color of its waters,[2] the lake actually ranged in hue from dazzling green in the morn to twinkling silver at night.[4]


Redwaters was located on the southern stretch of Icewind Dale.[4] It was fed by the Redrun river that flowed from nearby Lac Dinneshere.[5]


The lake's original name was Dellon-lune, but it was renamed after a fight between rival fishing boats left bloody corpses in the water, hence 'Redwaters.'[3]

Around the Year of the Crown, 1351 DR,[6] Regis, Companion of the Hall, witnessed a small skirmish between fishing boats over fishing rights, where one man died.[7]

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The shores of the lake were home to the independent settlements of Dougan's Hole and Good Mead. Few folks traveled to Redwaters lake, beyond those that hailed from these hamlets. [2][4]




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