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A reekmurk was a huge and rare aquatic ooze that usually lurked in deep oceans or underground rivers and lakes.[1]


Reekmurks gained their name from their "reek" and their "murky" color. The stench of a reekmurk was said to be unbearable, and creatures even as far as 30 ft (9.1 m) away could become nauseated.[1]

These oozes looked like ink clouds when within water, but more like flat layers of black oil on land. They were quick on both land and water, but were especially quick in the latter.[1]


These great supine protoplasmic invertebrate jellies had one major fear: sunlight. Thus, reekmurks were never willingly found out of water during the day. However, they were often driven out of the freezing depths of the ocean by undersea earthquakes.[1]


When in combat, reekmurks changed their form to reach out with many tendrils. Only very dexterous creatures could get away without become poisoned or taking acid damage. Their strong acids could dissolve anything organic, particularly wood. Wooden equipment, such as wood weapons, would instantly dissolve, unless the users of the weapons had very quick reflexes.[1]

Reekmurks were immune to cold-based attacks, but were incredibly vulnerable to sunlight. Just being exposed to sunlight would severely damage them, and spells such as sunbeam and sunburst were ruinous.[1]


In the 14th century DR, these aquatic oozes were known to guard the caverns of Umberlee's Cache in Waterdeep.[2]