Reeve Sar Testain was a pirate captain in the Moonsea region around 1429 DR, commanding the ship Audacity.


One day in 1429 DR, he and his crew sacked the merchant ship Abundant Serendipity after a fierce fight. Reeve and his men decided to stop to repair the damage and rest for a while in a small village on an isle near Phlan. Soon, the pirates enslaved the villagers.

What Captain Reeve did not know was that near the village was a powerful altar to Tiamat. At last, out of desperation, the villagers invoked devil servants of Tiamat, in exchange for their souls and worship, to banish the pirate crew of Reeve Sar Testain. The pirates were swallowed up into the Nine Hells.[2]

However, in 1489 DR, during a fight with a Cult of the Dragon warship led by Ixan, their bonds were somehow broken and Reeve and his men, now fiends, returned to Toril. Eventually, thanks to an adventuring party hired to investigate rumors of dracoliches and ghost ships wandering the area, Reeve and his fiendish pirates were defeated.[3]