Reflective disguise was an illusion spell that made the caster look like a member of the same race and sex as the viewer.[1]


On casting reflective disguise, the caster changed how he or she was perceived by other people. Namely, when an onlooker looked at the caster, he or she saw somebody who shared the onlooker's race and sex. This effect had a few limitations. First, it did not work on clothing and other equipment. Second, it did not mask scent, so if the onlooker had good olfactory senses, here was a chance that the magic failed to fool him or her. Third, the spell could be defended against, when the onlooker had an innate resistance against magic that was strong enough. Fourth, the spell did merely change visual perception and nothing else, therefore people who realized for example that the tactile sensation of the caster did not match up with the visuals could possibly stop being fooled by the spell. Fifth, the spell did nothing to confer knowledge, so it was possible to look like one race but behave in manners that members of that race did not do and raise suspicion because of it.[1]


Reflective disguise required only somatic and verbal components.[1]


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