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Refuge, also known as succor,[7][11] was a conjuration spell that altered an item to transport its possessor to the caster.[2]


The caster instilled a certain object (see Components, below) with powerful teleportation magic. After casting, the object and the command word for its use had to be willingly given to another in order for it to function. Then, at any time thereafter, the bearer needed to simultaneously utter the command word and break or shred the object; the action should only several seconds and the spell discharged in the act. Then, the bearer and all they wore or carried (and no one with them) were immediately transported to the caster's dwelling, no matter how far away, provided they were in the same plane.[2]

Alternatively, by altering the spell during initial casting, the caster could instead be transported to the bearer's side, no more than 10 feet (3 meters) away, after the item was broken and the command word spoken. The caster could not refuse to be transported, but would gain a general idea of the location and conditions of the bearer before arrival.[2]


As well as verbal and somatic components, refuge required a material component. This was a specially prepared object including gems valued at 1,500 gp; this was typically a statuette, a jeweled rod, or single expensive gem.[2]


The spell was attributed to Netherese arcanist Oberon in −983 DR and was originally called Oberon's succor.[1]

Succor was a rare spell in the Realms in the 1360s DR.[12] This spell was known by the Simbul.[13]


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