The Regent of City Works was a civic official position of the city of Ravens Bluff in the Vast. It was subordinate to the Lord Chancellor.


The Regent of City Works had a wide range of necessary but unglamorous duties. First, it was responsible for the water supply and sanitation system of Ravens Bluff, as well as building inspection and the cemetery. The Regent also managed the municipal records of births, deaths, indentures, purchases, loans, mortgages, tenancy agreements, property deeds, and treaties. It was thus a very busy Regency, with many hardworking lesser officials handling all these duties.

Finally, it also fulfilled the local office of the Heralds of Faerûn, titled The Ravencoat, and performed heraldic duties there. In this position, The Ravencoat was entitled to a maroon-and-gold tabard adorned with black wings, as well as a trumpet.


For some decades in the mid–14th century DR, the Regent of City Works had to tidy up after the efforts of the honorary building inspector Ambassador Carrague.

For a number of years, the position was filled by the competent but rampantly corrupt Bundrigo Dalastarra. Bundrigo operated a huge and well-oiled system of bribery, kickbacks, and informers, the greatest ever known in Ravens Bluff. He paid his hardworking officials well, though some believed the money ultimately came from pirates. Bundrigo was murdered in the summer of the Year of the Tankard, 1370 DR, during Ravens Bluff's war with Myrkyssa Jelan. Scandal erupted as all Bundrigo's crimes were uncovered, with all his closest aides and associates implicated in his misdeeds. Lord Chancellor Arvin Kothonos had a difficult time finding anyone in the Regency with any experience who wasn't tainted by Bundrigo's web of corruption.

Finally, Kothonos discovered Lastraeya Indomurr, low ranking and little known but supremely capable and hardworking, not to mention fair and honest. Lastraeya was appointed as Acting Regent, and she soon overhauled the Regency and left not even a whiff of corruption. She so impressed Lord Chancellor Kothonos and Lady Mayor Amber Lynn Thoden that they confirmed her appointment later in 1370 DR.[1]

Known Regents of Public WorksEdit


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