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The Reign of Misrule was one of the two major Turmishan festivals that took place annually ten days after Higharvestide during which most of the government offices were closed.[1] Outside of Turmish, some cities of Chondath celebrated the festival.[3]

I'd always given Sarun, our party's serious wizard, a hard time throughout our travels... We were still roaming the streets of Alaghôn ten days after Higharvestide when the Reign of Misrule began. The streets suddenly became a battle zone of words, broken furniture, and shattered glass. I shouldn't have been surprised when one of the locals that had befriended Sarun approached me with a wicked gleam in his eyes. I managed a quick glance over at a grinning Sarun just before the gorilla threw himself at me.
— Adamar Session, bard of Starmantle.[4]


The Reign of Misrule generally lasted for just a single day. The festival allowed Turmish folk to disregard oaths and promises, guild contracts, and religious dogmas. These revelries were allowed as long as no death or destruction was involved. The Reign of Misrule's oath-breakings were only allowed for the natives of Turmish, while non-natives were held fully responsible for their actions.[1]

The festival was one of the very few occurrences when a paladin could be rude, rowdy, and get involved in scrimmages. Bar melees were quite common, and monks were allowed to break their vows of silence, non-violence, and celibacy. Outsiders often found the behavior of Turmishites during the Reign of Misrule shocking.[1]

Talking about the events that transpired during the Reign of Misrule was strictly forbidden. Any individual who broke the rule was jail-bound.[5] The festival's customs were deeply ingrained within Turmish society and every single native of the land, young and old, knew the rules of the annual festivities.[1]



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