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Rejik was a male vrock sent to uncover a legendary bloodforge for General Raachaak circa 1371 DR.[2]

Rejik released his mental hold upon the lesser fiends and focused his mind upon a line of blood, smeared along the perimeter of the pyramid's platform. He spread his wings and arms outward and froze in that position, bending his will upon making and holding a barrier as powerful as the one he and Shaakat had encountered in the Utter East. This one, however, would prove deadly to creatures of goodness and order.[3]


Rejik displayed a more subservient personality than his fellow vrocks, going along with the leaders' plans especially when power was a possible reward.[1]


Like other vrocks, Rejik could fly, blink, and secrete a horrific mucus that turned into burrowing vines when sprayed on a victim. He possessed telepathic abilities and was capable of summoning and controlling barlguras and manes.[4]


In 1371 DR[note 1], Morbaat, Shaakat, and Rejik were ordered by General Raachaak to find a way into a city in the Utter East that contained a fabled bloodforge. As Morbaat, who stood out of line with Raachaak, was stomped into the ground by the general, Rejik and Shaakat fled towards the portal to the Prime Material Plane.[2]

The vrocks reached the recently resettled city with relative ease, even though the city was warded with magical barriers. Shaakat smelled the portal that led into the city, giving the tanar'ri their goal. They stalked a couple of sentinels that left the city. The vrocks screeched at the horses and the humans they stalked, stunning them. Shaakat and Rejik sprayed one of the warriors with sticky secretions from their glands. The mucus turned into burrowing vines that quickly dispatched one warrior. The vrocks probed the surviving warrior for information about the portal that led into the city, namely the portal in Undermountain's Sargauth Level.[4]

The vrocks slaughtered their way through slithermorphs, ibrandlin, illithids, undead, and beholders, as well as replicas of themselves created via a magical mirror located not far from the portal and the portal pyramid. Shaakat hatched a plan to take the bloodforge for himself, double-crossing General Raachaak. Rejik was unhappy with the change of plan, being in fear of the general, but went along with the alpha vrock's stunt.[1]

Shaakat and Rejik summoned barlguras and manes to serve as their troops and multiplied their numbers using the magical mirror, creating a horde. To the tanar'ri's dismay, however, the portal was password-protected and they had no way of penetrating the wards of the city holding the bloodforge. This was when the paladins on the rescue mission, led by heroes Miltiades, Kern Desanea, and Aleena Paladinstar, reached the portal pyramid. The paladins had the password.[5]

The battle between the paladins of Tyr and tanar'ri was intense. Rejik was herding the demons and controlling the demon waves as Shaakat was using his hellish obsidian javelin. They murdered each hero one after another. As the last paladin fell, the vrocks focused on captured young adventurer Kastonoph Nesher. Unbeknownst to Shaakat and Rejik, the paladins used the same magical mirror to create replicas of themselves, sending them into the fray as cannon-fodder, while the heroes themselves found a way to the portal and the vrocks. The winged tanar'ri did not fare well under the surprise assault, retreating back to the Abyss only to face the wrath of Raachaak, who was happy to torture Shaakat and Rejik for their miserable failure.[6]



The Paladins


  1. The Abduction, p.6 states that the wedding of Piergeiron the Paladinson and Eidola took place in the Year of the Haunting, 1377 DR. However, that date is implausible. Khelben Arunsun died in 1374 DR as depicted in Blackstaff (novel). Furthermore, Aleena Paladinstar was stated to be gone from Waterdeep by 1372 DR, planeswalking (City of Splendors: Waterdeep). On the other hand, the events of the Descent to Undermountain took place in 1370 DR, during which Aleena was actively banned from adventuring and any danger by her father. In the events of The Paladins, as well as the finale of the DDTS, Aleena took a central role, no longer bound by her father's rules. She later, with all the experience she received from battling the Unseen and hordes of Tanar'ri, felt confident enough to use her magic to traverse the planes. This places DDTS events likely in 1371 DR. This also does not conflict with appearances by Artemis Entreri, and the Neshers.


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