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Relic armors were a wide variety of incredibly powerful, enchanted armors from the days of the kingdom of Ostoria.[2]


These armors provided their wearers with resistance to cold temperatures, and even the extremely cold everfrost caused by the Ring of Winter,[1][2] as well as better mobility in such conditions. They also guaranteed their wearers a better chance at surviving battles with giants.[1]


During the days of Ostoria, the kingdom's resident giants,[2] such as frost giant raiding parties,[1] would sometimes collect scraps of armor from the smaller races and infuse them with the magical substance voninblod. The reasons for this were lost over time—some speculated they served as trophies of war, while others believed they were gifts for their favored servants.[2]

In the centuries following Ostoria's fall, the materials and means of crafting by which the armors were made were lost and they would come to be known as relic armors. Those that endured the passage of time became frayed and rusted.[1]

In the late 15th century DR, scraps of these ancient armors could still be found in the North,[1][2] such as on Fangbreaker Island. By that time, the thought of claiming and restoring them attracted the attention of many adventurers,[1] though it was a process that would require a good deal of voninblod.[2]



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