Relmaur, also known as the Barrier Realm, was a small kingdom of dragonborn located in the southern region of the Howling Mountains in Laerakond. Relmaur was located between Melabrauth and Skelkor, and somehow served as a buffer between the two dragon empires.[1]


Relmaur was ruled by the High Crown, a title always given to a dragonborn member of Clan Urlingscar, the ruling dragonborn clan since the creation of the kingdom. However, as of 1479 DR, High Crown Harangor Urlingscar had created the Crown Council, as a means to allow all the prominent clans of Relamur—Clans Urlingscar, Belarrak, and Garandorn—to participate in the govern of the kingdom.[1]


Relmaur was located in the southern, warmer slopes of the Howling Mountains range, and thus was composed by mountains covered by thick conifer forests, as well as high valleys, cliffs, rugged ravines, and waterfalls. Those places were full of wild animals such as elk, boar, wolves, and more dangerous beasts.[1]

Most of the land was full of abandoned or semi-populated stone towers to give dragons wandering the mountains something to attack. There were no roads or big settlements in the surface of Relmaur. The proper Relmorn cities where dragonborn and other humanoids lived were located underground, inside the subterranean cavern networks across the southern Howling Mountains. Ownership of such settlements usually changed between dragonborn and orcs during their ongoing conflict.[1]



Relmaur was one of the few places where dragonborn could live free in Laerakond, having overthrown its dragon rulers centuries before the Blue Breath of Change, and most dragonborn slaves who fled the dragon empires searched refuge in Relmaur. As of 1479 DR, Relmorn dragonborn came into conflict with orc warbands from the Howling Mountains, but the dragonborn had the upper hand thanks to their superior weaponry and martial discipline.[1]



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