Remnis was the god of giant eagles, a free lord of the sky who willingly rendered his service as a mount and helper to like-minded deities. He untiringly flew across the planes, observing everything with his keen vision, in search of secrets and prey worthy of his attention. He shared his knowledge and wisdom with the deserving.[1]


Remnis was on good terms with many neutral or good sky gods, as well as the Seldarine, but especially with Aerdrie Faenya and Syranita of the aarakocra.[1]


The intelligent and mighty giant eagles were Remnis' people.[1] Some of the aarakocra of the North also payed homage to the lord of eagles,[3] as did some of the djinn of Zakhara; he had a mosque at the djinn Capital, the Citadel of Ice and Steel.[4]


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