Remorseless charm was an enchantment spell that was cast upon a work of art. When revealed to the intended recipient, the charm silenced their conscience and removed any inhibitions they possessed.[1]

Effects[edit | edit source]

When the effects of this spell were triggered, the norms and societal expectations held by the affected person were removed from their consciousness. They became exceptionally susceptible to suggestion and were more capable to act without remorse or forethought.[1]

The affected item held the spell's magic for a number of days, depending on the power and skill of the caster. When released, the effects remorseless charm had on the recipient were permanent and remained until they were broken by another spell such as break enchantment.[1]

Casting[edit | edit source]

This spell required verbal, somatic and material components in order to be cast. The material component of this spell was a masterfully-crafted piece of art, valued at 1,000 gp or more, that depicted a captivating and arousing act of debauchery or evil. When the enchanted artistic creation was revealed to the subject, the charm took its effect upon them.[1]

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