Rendeth of the Royal Blood[1][5], or Rendath[4][2][3], was a human male of the Vast, and the Thultyrl, or ruler, of the city of Procampur.


Rendeth had the distinctive family resemblance of copper-colored hair, gray-green eyes, and a sharp chin.[1][5] He was a popular and energetic but level-headed young man.[4][1][2][3][5]


Rendeth had training as a warrior.[4][1][2][3][5]


By 1357 DR, Rendeth was Thultyrl of Procampur, the overlord of that city.[4][1] However, the position of Hamayarch, his loyal mage-advisor, was held by Alamondh, in truth an evil mage named Carthoun Misintle who had desires on the throne. Alamondh plotted to kill Rendeth and take his place under a magical disguise, but was forced to wait until Rendeth produced an heir with the family's distinctive appearance.[1]

Despite the Thultyrl's traditional vow of vengeance on pirates, Alamondh encouraged Rendeth to relax the city's stance on piracy, showing leniency and conciliation. A few pirates were even allowed to use Procampur's port, provided that their crimes were not too great and no Procampan captain accused them of anything.[6]

When in Marpenoth of the Year of the Shield, 1367 DR, Procampur was struck by the featherlung plague, high priests Orn Thavil of Tymora and Baniya Dolester of Lliira went to the poor district to set up an auxiliary shrine and treat the sick directly, and other priests soon joined then. Though their actions halted the spread of the disease, the Thultyrl reprimanded both high priests for breaking Procampur's district rules, and reminded them that the city and its laws were older than a number of deities.[7]

Both Thultyrl Rendeth and Hamayarch Alamondh were still in power by the Year of Wild Magic, 1372 DR.[5]


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