The Renegades were a mercenary company based in Chessenta.[1]


The company included 70 cavalry, 20 infantry, and 90 archers. There were also six scouts and ten mages.[1]


In battle, the Renegades did anything to win. Normally mages and archers first softened the enemy, after which the infantry attacked and the cavalry made the final assault.[1]


They accepted any kind of job. They were known to be ruthless and twisted the spirit of agreements with employers. They were on good terms with several pirate bands. They normally charged 200 gold pieces per week for their services.[1]


Around 1358 DR, the Renegades were a military unit from the city of Akanax, the town of soldiers. Desiring gold and glory, they deserted, led by the famous fighter Helyos.[1]



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