Renwick "Snowcloak" Caradoon was the eldest of the three brothers whose exploits led to the creation of the Knights of Samular (along with Samular Caradoon and Amphail the Just). Renwick eventually died in the last battle of the Second Troll War, only to return as an archlich.[1]


After his descent into undeath, Renwick sought both the rings of Samular and Kezefbane. Although he reunited the rings at one point, all the items were hidden from him by his descendant Bronwyn. The rings were split up among the Knights of Samular, the church of Cyric, and the Harpers, with Kezefbane hidden at Blackstaff Tower.[2]

In 1491 DR, it was discovered that his resting place was within the Sacred Stone Monastery; however, the monastery was occupied by the Cult of the Black Earth. The cultists tried to recruit Renwick, but without success. He chose not to act against the cultists and they simply ignored him. Renwick may have later agreed to help a group of adventurers who had infiltrated the monastery defeat the cultists.[3]



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