Rethnor was the leader of Ship Rethnor and one of the five High Captains of the city of Luskan. Along with the others he was an experienced adventurer and a former pirate.[1]

Rethnor's lead ship was the Cutlass.[2]


Rethnor was a large, strong man with a long black beard, bushy eyebrows, and piercing blue eyes. He wielded a sword in his left hand and a dagger in his right.[3] In 1361 DR, he lost his swordhand in a battle with Fyodor,[4] but it was later restored by the drow priestess Shakti Hunzrin, who was able to command it.[5]


In 1361 DR, Rethnor was involved with the Kraken Society in a conspiracy to turn the Lords' Alliance (especially Waterdeep) against Ruathym. The Kraken Society assigned him to ally with Shakti Hunzrin, a drow priestess searching for Liriel Baenre, who was journeying to Ruathym. The plot was discovered by the Ruathen with the help of the crew of the Elfmaid and Luskan's navy, led by Rethnor, was defeated.[6]

In 1376 DR, Rethnor died of old age (although it is implied his son "helped" him along) and was replaced as High Captain by his son, Kensidan the Crow.[7]


Rethnor was an ally to the Kraken Society.[8]

High Captain Suljack was his cousin.[9]




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