The Retreat was the name given to the mass migration of elves from Faerûn to Evermeet. It was instigated by the Elven Court in the Year of Moonfall, 1344 DR.[3] During the Retreat, over ninety percent of the elves in the forest of Cormanthor migrated to Evermeet or Evereska.[4]

When the elves abandoned the forest, they left behind legions of green warders, who continued to guard the burial sites and ancient groves that the elves had forsaken.[5]

In the Year of Lightning Storms Cambrizym of Candlekeep wrote that the Retreat had come to an end, though not by official proclamation but rather through having reached its own tipping point, by which almost all who had meant to leave had already done so, leaving only a few lonely pilgrims to make the journey by themselves. Shortly thereafter, the Retreat began to reverse itself, with many from Evermeet returning to Faerûn's shores.[2]

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