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Revivify was a conjuration or necromancy spell that restored life to a creature that had died very recently.[1][6]


This spelled allowed a recently-deceased being to regain their life, albeit in a weakened and near-death state.[1] In order for revivify to take effect during the Era of Upheaval, the spell had to be cast within a matter of seconds after the moment of death.[6]


In all versions of this spell, it required verbal, somatic, and material components. The somatic component was to touch the creature, while the material component was diamonds.[1][6] For the conjuration spell, the diamonds had to equal 1,000 gp.[6] For the necromancy spell, the diamonds only needed to equal 300 gp.[1]


In the late 15th century DR, as an effect of the death curse brought upon Toril by the lich Acererak via the Soulmonger, any spell that restored a creature's spirit to its body, including revivify, automatically failed, as all deceased creatures' souls remained imprisoned within the artifact.[7]


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