Revjak was a barbarian king of the Tribe of the Elk in Icewind Dale.[1]


Revjak was always in control of his emotions. He had a secret desire to experience "civilized life" in the cities of the Sword Coast.[1]


After the death of Heafstaag at the hands of Wulfgar in the Year of the Worm, 1356 DR, Revjak became king of the tribe and was the one to unify the nomadic Reghedman tribes and strengthen their relationships with the people of the Ten Towns.[1]

In the Year of the Wave, 1364 DR, Berkthgar challenged Revjak for the kingship of the Tribe of the Elk and won, thus ending an era of cooperation between the barbarians and the Ten Towns.[2]


Revjak was the son of Jorn the Red.[1]

In the Year of the Bright Blade, 1347 DR, Revjak's son Kierstaad was born. Like his father, he embraced "civilized ways."[2][3] He later became king of the Tribe of the Elk until his death.[4]

He was friends with Wulfgar's father, Beornegar.[1]




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