Rhauntides (pronounced: /ˈrɔːntidisRAWN-tee-dees[1]) was a human wizard living in Highmoon in Deepingdale. He was a cultured man who was devoted to the study of human and elven magic—specifically the history of their use and users up to the present.[2]


Rhauntides was once an adventurer and gained much wealth and magic during that time. However, around 1338 DR, he moved into a tower of his own creation in Highmoon, where he lived for thirty years.[2] By 1368 DR, Rhauntides had destroyed at least sixteen wizards and adventuring bands who tried to steal magic from his tower.[3] He was invited three times by the elves of Evermeet to come and live with them in Evermeet under the guise of granting him a safe place to raise children, when in reality they wanted access to his extensive arcane knowledge.[2]


Rhauntides was tall and thin, handsome, with piercing blue eyes and a small pointed white beard. Rhauntides's movements remained smooth and supple. His long dark hair was going white at the temples, which caused him to sometimes be mistaken for Khelben "Blackstaff" Arunsun by people not familiar with either of them.[2]


Rhauntides was once very driven to learn as many spells as he could as fast as he could. However, around 1368 DR, he very much enjoyed learning every last nuance and variant of all the known spells.[2]


Rhauntides would answer any lore questions for the people of Deepingdale for 2 gp per question. For visitors, however, he charged 50 gp.[3]




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