Rhazzad was a moon elf wizard living in Neverwinter in 1484 DR.

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When he started studying the Spellplague and the Chasm, he was soon contacted by mysterious and powerful "Masters" living in the Chasm that promised him great power in exchange for his service, causing a spellburst that devastated part of the city.

Rhazzad preyed on those stricken by the Spellplague, promising them treatment in his "Tower of Solace". Instead, he used them to power some dark ritual. He also tricked his fellow wizard Tualo the Bright into opening a portal to the Far Realm.

One such victim was Dorothea Linkletter,who transformed into a monster when emotional and could only control these outbursts with medicine provided by Rhazzad. Her husband, Josef Linkletter of the Neverwinter Guard, asked the Heroes of Sleeping Dragon Bridge to take her to Rhazzad's tower for more regular treatment, but after discovering the portal in Tualo's house the heroes realized Rhazzad's true intentions.

Soon after, Rhazzad sacrificed all of the spellscarred people that he'd taken out of Helm's Hold to fuel a deadly magical explosion. A full assault was ordered on Rhazzad's tower before he could complete whatever plans he had for the Spellplague energy he had at his command. Against orders, Josef Linkletter rushed ahead of the main force and was transformed into a massive foulspawn by Rhazzad, who intended to use him as a testbed for his own transformation. Josef was subdued by the heroes and managed to regain his sanity alongside his plaguechanged wife, while they confronted Rhazzad. It turned out Rhazzad was communicating with unnamed "Masters" within the Chasm, who promised to grant him unlimited knowledge and power in exchange for his help. Though Rhazzad successfully completed his own transformation into a plaguechanged monstrosity, he was slain before he could fully achieve his goals.[1]

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