Rhindaun Dynasty was one of the ruling dynasties of Tethyr, founded by the adventuress Zaranda Star Rhindaun.[2]


The dynasty took its name from King-Consort Haedrak's mother, Rhinda, second wife of Alemander V.[3]


The dynasty was officially founded in 1368 DR.[2] In the previous year, on Mirtul 3 (called Crowning Day), Zaranda Star had been proclaimed queen by the citizens of Zazesspur. She spent several months speaking with leaders of the country and gaining support from the rest of the cities. She was blessed by the Archdruid of Mosstone on Highharvestide and selected and renamed Darromar as her new capital.[1] Saradush and the Order of the Silver Chalice accepted her as queen in 1368.[4] After Zaranda Star won the Reclamation Wars and married the lost prince of Tethyr, Haedrak Rhindaun III, her official coronation was in 1369 DR.[3]

The full line of succession for the dynasty is unknown, but Queen Zaranda's first daughter Sybille succeeded her as the second queen of the line[5] and took the throne in 1397 DR.[6] Other rulers in the Rhindaun dynasty[7] were Queen Zaranda II,[6] her niece[6] Queen Cyriana,[8] and Queen Anais, who ruled as early as 1469 DR[9] and at least as late as 1489 DR.[10]

Family TreeEdit

Alemander IV
Zaranda Star
Rhindaun III
Sybille IICoramCyriana II
Zaranda IINishanJemraZandra
Cyriana III
Errilam II




Rhindaun Dynasty of Tethyr
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