As was revealed in the Vision of the Ten Suns, we must always persevere through times of trouble, seeking the Morninglord's deliverance. …[D]eliverance comes through times of trouble, and… times of trouble result from new endeavors that change the present into a future that might be.
  — Rhyester of Silverymoon, in his famous "Sermon of the Eclipse"[2]

Rhyester of Silverymoon was the first prophet of Lathander,[3] who was formerly blind.[1][3][4]


During his life, Rhyester founded multiple temples for his god,[1] preached sermons,[2] and received visions from Lathander, including one called the Vision of the Ten Suns, which was an encouragement to persevere in times of trouble.[2]


Rhyester was born blind; however, at dawn[1][3] on Ches 1 of 717 DR, he miraculously received his sight. In response to his healing, although only a young boy at the time, Rhyester helped found a crude temple to Lathander in Silverymoon, called Lathander's Dawn.[1]

In 760 DR, Rhyester preached his famous "Sermon of the Eclipse", spoken during the solar eclipse that year. The sermon used the Dawn Cataclysm as an example of how lessons can be learned from failures. Rhyester wrote out the sermon in advance, but only an excerpt survived.[2]

Rhyester died of natural causes in the Year of the Aurumvorax, 773 DR. He was buried beneath the first temple that he founded, and it was renamed Rhyester's Matins in his honor within a year.[1]


The city of Waterdeep held an annual, day-long holiday to remember Rhyester, known as Rhyestertide.[3]

The musical prodigy, Rhiist Majarra of Waterdeep composed a complicated ballad titled, "Rhyester's Eyes", which only a few skilled bards, such as Mintiper Moonsilver and Storm Silverhand were ever able to master.[5]

The phrase "Rhyester's Eyes" was also used as an exclamation of surprise, as in, "Rhyester's Eyes! What a fighter he was."[6]



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