Rhyestertide was a holiday celebrated in Waterdeep on Ches 1 in honor of Lathander's miraculous restoration of Rhyester's vision in the Year of the Druid's Wrath, 717 DR.[1][2]


Followers of Lathander celebrated the holiday by dressing in bright red and other sunrise hues and by keeping one eye covered until the next dawn.[1][3] People sympathetic to the practice had the custom to wink at celebrants with whom they established eye contact. This practice often resulted in lasting friendships.[1]


The holiday was established by followers of Lathander in the city.[1] The event honored Lathander's first prophet Rhyester, who had his sight restored by the light of dawn on Ches 1, 717 DR, and built a temple to honor Lathander that same year.[2] Despite the fact that the miracle occurred in the vicinity of Silverymoon, Waterdeep was home to numerous followers of Lathander, as well as a larger temple dedicated to him.[1][4]




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