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Rhylfang was a gargantuan, demonic spider said to be a spawn of Lolth.[1]


Due to the fiendish magic infused within them, the webs spun by Rhylfang were too sturdy to be cut through or burned away by means of fire or acid. Rhylfang was also capable of spawning spiders of many different species, such as giant spiders and phase spiders.[1]


Some centuries prior to the 15th century DR, Rhylfang was trapped deep within a keep in the bogs of the Evermoors. She laid dormant there for so long that she had become a mere myth among the elves that still knew of her.[1]

In 1490 DR, Tasyllys Ch'fyr and his group of drow cultists entered that keep in hopes of gaining access to its fabled portal to the Forlorn Cliffs. In the process they awakened Rhylfang from its ancient slumber, who went on to spawn dozens of spiders that went out and terrorized the surrounding land of the Evermoors.[1]

Soon after a group of adventurers tracking down Tasyllys were tasked by a woman named Andra with gathering ingredients necessary to brew an acid strong enough to melt through the webs encasing its keep. Afterwards they discovered that she was a Ghaunadaur worshiper seeking to put an end to Rhylfang herself. After defeating both her and many of Tasyllys's cultists, the adventurers confronted Rhylfang and put an end to her.[1]



  1. The templates listed in this character's race are based on the descriptions given of it in-game.


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